Opportunity Maker


Strategy & Implementation

Marketing Strategy

  • Audit

We’ll undertake a full review of your approach to marketing, including a look at the way your business is perceived. The audit will highlight areas for development and will help you spend your marketing budget more efficiently.

  • Planning

We will draw up strategies, objectives and tactics, including who to target, where, what to say and how. Your marketing activity will be focused and will deliver the results you need to get you to where you want to go.

Marketing Implementation

Intro can introduce you to trusted associates who are able to undertake your day-to-day marketing activity. This can be a vital role as outsourcing frees you up to focus on managing your business:

  • PR

Public relations is about building longstanding, trusted relationships with your target audiences. We’ll advise you on a PR strategy that will raise your profile in the media and help you deliver your messages into the appropriate public domain.

Intro can work with trusted partners to help you deliver your PR strategy or we can do it ourselves by leveraging our excellent relationships with Channel Island editors and journalists.

  • Advertising and Sponsorship

If you want to raise your profile though community support, we can help you find suitable events and causes that will benefit from your involvement and provide you with the platform you need to be seen as a caring business in the community.

As well as finding the right opportunities, we can research and negotiate advertising and sponsorship packages for you and help you plan a year ahead. 

  • Social media

Social media is about a lot more than sending the odd tweet or barely maintaining a Facebook page.

Successful marketing through social media requires a mix of regular content and targeted messages. Working with our partners, we can remove the burden of constant content creation and ensure that your social media profile reflects the achievements of your business.

We use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, in particular, to give you the most appropriate social media platforms from which to promote your business and enhance your customer engagement strategy.