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Client Testimonials


“Leadership Jersey needed specialist help with our branding ahead of a public launch that was going to be right in the glare of the public spotlight from Day One. Working with Carla was a delight as she was responsive, enthusiastic and understood right away the difference we are trying to make. It's great that Intro has now launched, connecting people and businesses is what Carla does best.”



“I have known Carla for more than 20 years now. She has credible ideas and is a solution-based advocate and achieves results. With Intro I am looking forward to the next phase of growth and development in the business and I am looking forward to working again with Carla.”

— Kristina Le Feuvre, OWNER, AMAIZIN! ADVENTURE PARK, JERSEY, PAST President of Jersey Chamber of Commerce


“Carla is an action-driven person who believes in getting things done. If she can help you she will tell you yes, but if she can’t she will not hesitate to say no. She can lay down a plan and successfully implement it. I can attest to her business savvy, professionalism, creativity, and organisation. She is personable with excellent follow through and strong leadership skills.”



“Carla is one of the most dedicated, high-energy, and empowering individuals that I know. She is comfortable engaging with top-level executives and clearly communicates a no-nonsense approach to new business development. Her enthusiasm enables her to relate with peers and empower teams. She has an innate gift to think from a different perspective when confronted with a challenge. She combines broad industry experience with genuine concern for her prospects. She is a natural leader and a joy to work with.”



“With Carla I get a strategic, confidential source of rich marketing and business development advice. One of the values she adds in our regular meetings is the ability to carefully target our efforts and rigorously measure what is the most effective solution. This comes from her clear focus on the bottom line results and her breadth of experience from different sectors and businesses.”



“As a start-up I needed to make connections with the right prospective clients and suppliers, and I needed to do so with pace and confidence. Intro’s Carla Harris is so well connected she was able to help me establish professional connections in a very quick timescale and undertaken with integrity, understanding and, it seems, with a real joy in helping her clients to succeed.”



“I am thrilled with the service I received from Intro. It all began when Carla called me one day to inform me of an opportunity. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was offered an introduction for a fantastic role. The opportunity Carla introduced me to afforded me a platform on which to shine, because it was such a great fit. She knew what I was looking for, especially as a mother of three children. Like so many mums, I was looking for a role which would challenge me, and where I'd be happy to work but also achieve a home and work balance. With all this criteria in mind, Carla mapped my skills and experience to an opening within a brilliant local company. After a 12 year career break, I was rather reticent about interviewing and contemplating a new chapter in my life. However, Carla was so helpful as she gave me her time, advice and support each step of the way, which instilled confidence in me. Furthermore, she would frequently check in to provide updates and see how I was. She's a professional, honest and direct person and gets the job done through an upbeat, caring and personalised approach.

— Niamh Greene, Executive Introduction