Opportunity Maker



Market Introductions

Generating Leads

Finding new clients is never easy and it is certainly time-consuming. Intro can help you identify potential clients and set up those all-important first meetings.

Preparing you to pitch

Once you’ve got a foot in the door and the initial meeting has been arranged, we can work with you to make sure you make the right impression.

We’ll help you create or improve your pitch documents. We’ll hone your ability to promote your business and, if you’re new to these kinds of meetings or feel unsure in a sales situation, we can help you rehearse and gain the confidence that will see you cruise to a sale!

If it helps, we’ll also accompany you to the meeting as your business consultant. With messages ready, so we’re speaking as one team, we can play a key role in helping you land the account.

Rewarded by Results

In any Business Development initiative, there is a level of uncertainty, so we’re flexible about the way you pay for our services. You can pay a flat, time-based fee or you can engage us on a contingency basis in which we are paid a proportion of the business that you win.

Executive Introductions

Put simply, we connect people to businesses who have opportunities and businesses to elite professionals. We make the introductions and secure the connections! We are not an executive research firm or agency. We are just often in the right place at the right time and learn of opportunities and point people in the right direction. To find out more please contact us.

    Case Study

    A commercial photographer moving from London to his partner’s home in Jersey engaged Intro to help him launch his business in the island. As his experience was principally in the fashion world, he understood the need to adapt to a business environment that heavily favoured the financial sector.

    Intro was engaged to find three new corporate clients for his business, and has signed terms to do this on an ongoing basis.

    Our success was almost immediate and we landed a one and a half day shoot for a new business brochure.

    Following this initial success, we found a smaller job that involved producing some urgently needed images and an advertising agency and most recently, we’ve completed the hat-trick by helping this talented individual sign a £30,000 contract with an international law firm.