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Business Development & Marketing  


You don’t have to use Intro to help with the daily business development tasks. We’re also available to use our 20 years of marketing experience to provide expert advice that you can then use to build your business.


We’ll be pleased to work inside your company with the business development and marketing teams to ensure you have the right strategy and are managing successful campaigns.


When you work with Intro, you will receive expert advice and solid work at all times. Our fees can be time-based or retainer, so you can use us when you need us without incurring ongoing spend, if you prefer.

Our contacts in the advertising, media, marketing and business development sectors are extensive. Not only can we help you appoint the right teams but we can help you manage them throughout the period of your project.

Case Study

Our client is a newly established accountancy practice in Jersey. They’ve quickly grown a strong reputation for the quality of their work and are at the point where they are looking to develop their client base.

The company engaged Intro to provide ten hours of on-site marketing and business development expertise per week and so far our work has included:

  • Creating an MBD strategy and plan.
  • Devising a programme of events.
  • Engaging suppliers to deliver the plan.
  • Supervising and developing the company's Marketing Co-ordinator.
  • Working with the partners on BD skills.
  • Running a client loyalty programme.
  • Working with PR to improve coverage.
  • Devising a social media strategy.