Opportunity Maker
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Business Connections

Creating lasting partnerships

Intro has extensive connections in the Channel Islands, UK and abroad. We use this network to help you find great businesses that will support you or require your services to help your business achieve its goals.

Not only can we identify the right businesses and people for you but will manage the introduction which will ensure the relationship gets off on the right foot.

Reward by Results

When we introduce a business to a new supplier, it is the latter that pays our fee. Intro will receive a proportion of the value of the work undertaken for you and we will continue to support the relationship throughout the first year.

Case Study 

Our client is a Fund Management business relocating from London to Jersey. Many of their business services will continue to be sourced from the UK but they need a reliable, island-based IT company to help manage their infrastructure.

We introduced the company to a local technology firm that specialises in hardware installation and support, and connectivity management.

Intro has facilitated a series of meetings, verified the standard of the local IT company's work, agreed heads of terms, overseen the lawyers, and ensured that the relationship has started in the best possible way.

For this success, Intro will receive a commission on the first year’s IT management charge. We also work together on a monthly retainer fee for ongoing marketing support.